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September 2018

Tone Vays

Tone Vays is an outspoken Bitcoin Maximalist and derivatives trader. He was previously Head of Research for data & research company BraveNewCoin and worked for Bear Stearns as a Risk Analyst as well as for JP Morgan as a VP. He currently produces content for his website ToneVays.com and his Youtube channel about sound economics and finance.

August 2018

10 Years After Lehman Brothers

Arno Wellens is a Dutch financial journalist and the author of The Euro Evangelism, about critical flaws in the EU’s currency. He broke the Parex/Citadele scandal, involving an illegal bailout of a Russian-Latvian bank, and also helped lead the successful national Ukraine Referendum that embarrassed EU leaders and Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s center right VVD party in 2016.


Malcolm Tan, CEO of CrowdBank, which aims to offer cryptocurrency and retail banking services via the NEO blockchain. It also plans to introduce a CrowdBank cryptocurrency with a stable value that will be tethered to the value of the euro. Malcolm also serves as Chairman of Gravitas International, which provides ICO consulting and advisory services for more than 30 ICOs.

The Future of News Media

Onik Mia is CEO of Multra, a decentralized app that increases revenues for publishers and also pays its users to read news. He also serves as Vice Chair of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance media working group and is a member of the Blockchain Observatory in the European Parliament.

Segregated Byzantine Agreement

Emanuele Francioni is Tech Lead and Chairman of Dusk, a privacy-centric blockchain with a new consensus mechanism, the Segregated Byzantine Agreement. He spent more than a decade leading various multi-disciplinary development teams and has delivered multi-million-dollar technology projects for top corporate organizations, such as Tomtom, Commerzbank and Vitrociset.

Decentralized Privacy

Jelle Pol is a co-founder of Dusk, a a new privacy-oriented cryptocurrency and blockchain based on a new consensus mechanism. He previously served in Shell’s blockchain and renewable energy teams as well as the business development team at Mendix.

Tracking The Crypto Economy

Jonathan Knegtel is the CEO of Blockdata, an Amsterdam-based company that provides data sources on blockchain-related companies. Before founding Blockdata, he managed digital strategy for a private jet startup and served as Head of Growth for Dealroom, which tracks venture capital and private equity deals.


Strength in Numbers

Since we published this blog post on the family feud between Bitcoiners, altcoiners and blockchainers, there’s a growing movement among the majority, who are able to disagree in a collegiate […]

Token-Based IPOs

Ransu Salovaara is the CEO of TokenMarket, an ICO advisory firm based in Gibraltar which has worked with more than 35 tech startups to execute token sales that have raised nearly 400 million dollars.

July 2018

Scammers & Maximalists Unite!

In advance of Michael Jackson’s keynote on the ICO market for Bitcoin Wednesday on 1 August, 2018, we’ve published this opinion piece for our new blog on Medium to explain […]