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May 2017

Alon Muroch

Alon Muroch is the CEO of CoinDash, a social trading platform for cryptocurrencies. He has been a blockchain developer since 2012 and has contributed to many of the known open source projects. He continues to lead the development of a peer-to-peer multisignature wallet and is a strong believer in bringing blockchain technology to the masses.


Video: Money and Sustainability

Professor Lietaer one of the world’s authorities on currency systems gave this inspiring talk about sustainability and money for Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 May, 2017.


Video: Currency Liquidity and Smart Contracts

At Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 May 2017, Bancor’s Chief Architect and Head of Product Development, Eyal Hertzog, gave this talk about removing the barrier to liquidity for digital currencies with Ethereum smart contracts.

April 2017

Bernard Lietaer

Professor Bernard Lietaer is one of the world’s authorities on the design and implementation of currency systems. He is the author of Money and Sustainability and a leading thinker in the field of community and complementary currencies. He helped design and implement the European Currency Unit which became the Euro, and served as the President of the Belgian Central Bank’s Electronic Payment System.


Bancor Interview

Interview with Guy Benartzi and Eyal Hertzog of Bancor The following interview with Bancor’s founders, Guy Benartzi and Eyal Hertzog, took place before Bitcoin Wednesday’s Special Event on 12 April 2017 at Makerversity in Amsterdam. Interviewer: Hi. we’re sitting here with the co-founders of the Bancor Protocol. So can you tell us something about you, […]

Yoichi Hirai

Yoichi Hirai is a formal verification engineer at the Ethereum Foundation. He is interested in turning mathematical proofs into working software. He once visited the University of Amsterdam for half a year because he was fascinated by the constructive logics that originated there. His interest in becoming a convenience logician led him to Dresden and then to Berlin.

Gilles Fedak

Gilles Fedak is CEO of iEx.ec, an Ethereum-based solution for high performance cloud computing. iEx.ec raised more than $12 million in less than 3 hours during a crowd sale on 19 April 2017. An expert on high performance computing and a research scientist in Desktop Grid computing at the French National Institute for Computer Science (INRIA), Gilles has published more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Raphaël Mazet

Raphaël Mazet is a co-founder of Alice.si, an Ethereum app for social impact. Before Alice, he served for ten years in corporate relations and digital advocacy in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. He became fascinated with blockchain technology in 2015 when he discovered the potential for smart contracts to increase funding in the non-profit sector by improving transparency and accountability.

Justin Tran

Justin Tran is a financial controller who holds a Master’s degree in economics. He is the founder of World Coin Index, a website that provides historical financial information for more than 400 cryptocurrencies.


Bancor Presentation

In this video Bancor CEO Guy Benartzi unveils Bancor’s service for creating user-generated cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum. Starting at 11’30” he gives a demonstration of the live product. At 14’30” he and Bancor’s Chief Architect and Head of Product Development, Eyal Hertzog, take questions from the audience. The final round of questions at 25’50” were asked by Justin […]