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News: Bitcoin Wednesday #20

Coinbase has announced a $75 million dollar “C” with investment from none other than the NYSE. Are dominant, centralized Bitcoin services just around the corner?
Voting with Ethereum Contracts: Jasper den Ouden’s Bitvote

Coinbase’s announcement isn’t necessarily bad news. Just a few weeks earlier, in January 2015, the Bitcoin price had plunged to $160, and some were predicting a sharp reduction in Bitcoin mining. That certainly did not happen. Despite its flaws the Bitcoin ecosystem clearly continues to expand. However, the sudden rise of dominant forces run counter to Satoshi’s original premise of decentralization, innovation and economic sustainability.

To answer this challenge many are already looking to the next wave of the digital currency revolution, the so-called Bitcoin 2.0 and non-financial services that we’re now starting to see.

The program for Bitcoin Wednesday #20 is just packed with presentations about these non-financial services, and belies the claimthat “Bitcoin is money.”

Jasper will present his voting service based on the Ethereum blockchain. In his talk he refers to venture capitalist, hedge fund manager and libertarian, Peter Thiel who famously said that “Competition is for losers.”

Jasper will tell us why voting application like his are important for democracy on the Internet. He will also explain how his system works.For a quick preview of Jasper’s talk see this overview.


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