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Ruben Merre, Co-founder and CEO of Ngrave

Ruben Merre, CEO of ngrave

Ruben Merre, co-founder and CEO of Ngrave will talk about the pitfalls of private key management and how to overcome them with cold hardware wallets.  He will also introduce ngrave’s end-to-end hardware wallet solution that tackles the what-ifs of managing digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency related hacks are increasing in size and frequency, showing no signs of slowing down. In 2018 a record $2.5 billion was stolen.  In 2019, thieves made off with $ 4.3 billion.  Nearly every crypto hack or loss can be attributed to the mismanagement of private keys. With this risk in mind Ruben’s presentation will revolve around three of the biggest challenges with handling private keys: they are mis-made, mis-managed and mis-recovered.

Ruben Merre is co-founder and CEO of ngrave, creator of products designed to make managing cryptocurrencies more secure.  After receiving a Master’s degree in Business Engineering from KU Leuven, Ruben served as a strategy consultant for Deloitte.  He then joined Hedera, a management consulting startup that was acquired by Cognizant, where he contributed to projects in multiple countries and in six different languages and played a role in expanding the business.  He also published investment courses through Udemy and led a multi-million dollar automated investment and trading platform with more than 100 people and 20 teams   He also completed the Oxford Blockchain Strategy program.

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Ruben Merre, CEO of ngrave