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T-shirts Coming Soon

T-shirt corona byzantine red

Coming soon: You can pre-order Bitcoin Wednesday Limited Edition T-shirts for the early bird discounted price of € 49,- each. For €99 you get a T-shirt plus a VIP pass to every Bitcoin Wednesday event for the rest of 2019.

T-shirt corona byzantine red large
Core: Byzantine Red
T-shirt corona deepspace large
Core: Deep Space
T-shirt meridian midnight blue
Meridian: Midnight Blue
T-shirt corona platinum
Core: Platinum
T-shirt corona rainforest green
Core: Rainforest Green
T-shirt meridian dolphin
Meridian: Moondust
T-shirt meridian crimson
Meridian: Crimson
T-shirt corona scarlet
Core: Scarlet
T-shirt meridian dolphin
Meridian: Dolphin
T-shirt corona silver
Core: Silver



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T-shirt corona byzantine red