Joey Krug

Co-Founder of Augur

Leontien Hasselman-Plugge

CEO of SIM Supply Chain

Mario Pavlovic

Product Owner Energy Web

Roelof Reineman

Blockchain Lead

Paul Puey

CEO of Edge

Raphaël Mazet

Alice.si and Social Impact

About Bitcoin Wednesday

Bitcoin Wednesday is one of the largest community-driven monthly conferences about the Digital Currency Revolution in The Netherlands. The event is always held on the first Wednesday of every month at a location in Amsterdam.

Conference presentations are only a small piece of Bitcoin Wednesday. It brings together the country's earliest digital currency pioneers, it's software developers, technologists, investors, blockchain startups, and the business community. It encourages interactive conversations, Q&A and debate.

Next Event

Next Event
6 November 2019
Circl Sustainability Pavilion at ABN Amro

Gustav Mahlerlplein 1B

18:00 PM
€20,- and €7,- early bird


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