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Bitcoin Future of Currency

In answer to recent requests for comment from the press on whether “Bitcoin is More Than Money”, the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation recently released the following statement:

Bitcoin is clearly more than only money.

We are aware of attempts by media and other organizations to try to hijack or misrepresent the public debate. We wish the plaintiff the best of luck in seeking a better financial outcome in court, but the country’s legal classifications are not “at stake” in this case.

In The Netherlands we call this over hyped communication style “a storm in a water glass.” We concur with Finance Minister Dijsselbloem’s statement to Dutch parliament in 2013: This is a relatively small sector with breakthrough technology. There is no need for any “rush to judgement” on this dynamic and revolutionary industry while it is still so young and so poorly understood.

Without careful study and the full participation of Dutch society, campaigns such as “Bitcoin is geld” often seem like misguided attempts to divert the public conversation. The organizers of that particular campaign did not wait for the outcome of the public debate or the polls on this subject to be published.

It therefore appears it did not have — does not have — the Foundation’s or the community’s authorization to proceed. We will make a more detailled statement on this matter soon, after continued careful consideration of the public’s needs.

Bitcoin Wednesday also published an earlier piece on the subject here.

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