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Scammers & Maximalists Unite!

Bitcoin Wednesday #62

In advance of Michael Jackson’s keynote on the ICO market for Bitcoin Wednesday on 1 August, 2018, we’ve published this opinion piece for our new blog on Medium to explain what this emerging industry has not become — at least not yet.

As we emphatically do not curate the speakers and presentations that appear at Bitcoin Wednesday, there is a very real risk that a scam artist will sooner or later take the stage and try to convince you to send him or her your cryptocurrency.  Learn by meeting these founders in person at live events and comparing the good, bad and ugly secure in the basic knowledge that you alone are responsible for the choices you make. Time after time history has shown that blind trust in a third party — whoever that may be — can turn out an expensive mistake. The best protection anyone can have is education and real experience, something regulations can never substitute.

Quoting the piece:

It is ironic that policymakers around the world have dreamed of engineering a way to capitalize their home-grown (i.e. outside of Silicon Valley) startup sectors, but now that this world has suddenly arrived in the form of a thriving, global ICO marketplace, many jurisdictions seem to feel the need to try to regulate it out of existence.


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Bitcoin Wednesday #62