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September 2015

Profile: Wassili Zafiris

Culture or Cult? Ideas about our economic development are changing. What will the impact of Bitcoin as an open source technology be in this development? How is Bitcoin perceived and […]


Profile: Evan Duffield

Since Bitcoin was released in 2009 it has been widely recognized as a breakthrough technology as important for society as the invention of the personal computer in 1975 or the World Wide […]


Profile: Daniel Diaz

Daniel Diaz is responsible for the Dash cryptocurrency’s business development.  Dash is currently the 6th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap (at approximately $14 million) out of a field […]


Profile: Robert Wiecko and Balázs Király

Robert Wiecko and Balázs Király are both project managers for the alt-coin known as Dash, originally launched in January 2014.  Wired U.K. called the digital currency “Bitcoin’s Nefarious Cousin” because, unlike […]


Profile: Daniel Hassan

Daniel Hassan is a software engineer for Robin Hood Minor Asset Management, an activist hedge fund in Helsinki that uses technology like the Blockchain to redistribute wealth and make a social impact. […]


Announcement from PikaPay

    The founders of PikaPay are involved in a disagreement about the future of the enterprise. During the process of resolving this disagreement, one of the founders has taken the unusual […]


Poll Results 2015

Below are the results of the two periodic polls taken for The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands (stichting Bitcoin Nederland) on 5 August and 2 September, 2015.  The previous poll […]

Bitcoin Wednesday 27

This event is free, but spaces are limited and registration is required.     This month’s conference will feature international specialists on: The use of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies to address […]

August 2015

Profile: Jouke Hofman

Jouke Hofman is CEO of the Dutch Bitcoin exchange Bitonic.  During Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 September 2015, Jouke will present Bitonic’s position on the XT fork and block size conflict and […]


Profile: Trent McConaghy

Trent McConaghy is an accomplished artificial intelligence researcher and entrepreneur who has turned his expertise to the paradox of digital ownership and the Internet. He is the CTO of Ascribe.io, […]