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March 2015

Profile: Boaz Bechar

The CEO of Amsterdam’s Blocktrail, Boaz Bechar has more than 10 years experience leading startups.  He launched Blocktrail last year with €500,000 funding from Lev Leviev, a founder of the Russian social […]


REPORT: CIA Funds Went to Al Qaeda

The New York Times’ Matthew Rosenberg tells us about the existence of a “long list of examples of how the United States, largely because of poor oversight and loose financial […]

Bitcoin Wednesday #21 – The “Silk Road” Edition

For Bitcoin Wednesday #21, we’ll tackle one of the digital currency revolution’s dark sides. On 4 March 2015 we’ll organize a special “Silk Road” edition. Silk Road is the anonymous […]


Prediction Markets and the Blockchain

Rounding off Bitcoin Wednesday #21‘s conference with its theme of banned marketplaces, is a look at prediction markets given by Joey Krug, lead developer for the California-based Augur prediction market solution. Augur is […]


Profile: Sebastian Lobato

Sebastian Lobato is a Bitcoin enthousiast, developer and explorer.  A regular to Bitcoin Wednesday since it’s earliest days, Sebastian gives BitcoinWednesday its monthly review of cryptocurrency tech news, keeping us […]


Profile: Rickey Gevers

At Bitcoin Wednesday #21 on 4 March 2015, senior cybercrime specialist Rickey Gevers will cast a critical gaze at what can be done (or theoretically could be done) in the […]


Is Bitcoin More Than Money?

In answer to recent requests for comment from the press on whether “Bitcoin is More Than Money”, the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation recently released the following statement: Bitcoin is clearly more […]


Profile: Martijn Wismeijer, Mr. Bitcoin

Martijn Wismeijer’s dedication to Bitcoin has gone so far as to motivate him to implant NFC chips with his Bitcoin wallets in both hands.  The operation earned him media coverage […]

February 2015

Profile: Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner, Executive Director, College Cryptocurrency Network will speak about “Education, Communication, & the Blockchain” at Bitcoin Wednesday #21 on 4 March 2015. Jeremy attended both Bard College and University […]


Profile: Valery Kholodkov

Valery Kholodkov currently leads research in the field of Privacy for security software house AVG Innovation Labs where he has worked since 2011. He became interested in Blockchain technology in […]