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August 2015

Profile: Christoph Auer-Welsbach

Christoph Auer-Welsbach is program director of Rockstart, which is one of Amsterdam’s best-known startup accelerators.  During Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 August 2015, Mr. Auer-Welsbach will give a brief introduction to […]

July 2015

Andreas Antonopoulos on Privacy and Data Collection

Buried at the tail end of a long interview with Andreas Antonopoulos are a number of sharp observations about the relationship between the digital currency revolution and civil rights on […]


Profile: Christina Yarashevich and Janne van Hooff

Issues such as the popularization of technology, concerns about data collection, identity and privacy and the use of cryptography have often been raised in connection with digital currency.   Christina […]


Evil Hackers and Bitcoin Anonymity

Evil Hackers A front page story in The New York Times on 26 July 2015 gives readers a glimpse into a dystopian world of online fraud committed by criminal hackers who demand […]


Security, Identity and Trust

For what seems like centuries we’ve relied on central authorities like large corporations, banks, security forces and governments, to establish the essential conditions for business transactions: security, identity and trust. […]


Profile: Casey Kuhlman

Casey Kuhlman is the co-founder and CEO of Eris Industries, a team of specialists who are building a platform for smart contracts and the legal applications of blockchain technology. Casey […]


Profile: Hans de Zwart

The keynote for the Bitcoin Wednesday conference on 5 August 2015 will be given by none other than the Executive Director of the Dutch digital civil rights organisation Bits of Freedom, […]


PGP Key Signing

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, computer software that can protect the contents of messages, text, and files.  It  is considered a highly effective form of information security, and was used by […]


Profile: Rob van der Wouw

Rob van der Wouw is a self-employed professional network specialist, certified security analyst, certified ethical hacker, owner of Eureka Unlimited, and co-owner of RedLogic, a small company of ICT infrastructure […]

Bitcoin Wednesday 25

Bitcoin Wednesday — #BTC1W — holds its second anniversary party on 1 July 2015. Bitcoin Wednesday will celebrate its 2nd year of consecutive digital currency events held — without missing […]