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Special Edition 6 in NYC

Bitcoin Wednesday 84 Event Image

A Special Edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be held in New York City downtown on Friday May 18, 2018 during New York’s Blockchain Week.

Please RSVP here.

Expect a reception with networking and some talks.  The complete program for this event will be updated regularly.

Check back soon for the complete program.

You are invited to join us once again for this upcoming edition of Bitcoin Wednesday, including another program revolving around the important recurring theme of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in society. As you’ve come to expect, networking will be at the heart of this event: run into your old, familiar Bitcoin Wednesday friends and colleagues and tell stories about the early days; meet the newcomers and share your ideas about the future. After a number of thought-provoking conference presentations, there will be ample opportunity for networking at the bar.

Mark your calendar for the first Wednesday of the month. Please take note:

So that the digital currency revolution leaves no one behind, please bring colleagues, friends, family and neighbors with you.
Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event for anyone who has interest in blockchains, digital currencies or related technologies, a great chance to meet other like-minded professionals, and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere.

For all Bitcoin Wednesday conferences, space is limited and advance registration is always required.

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PUBLISHED : April 27, 2018