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When is Bitcoin Wednesday?

Bitcoin Wednesday is held on the first Wednesday of every month.  The conference program traditionally runs from 19:00 to 23:00 with a pre-conference network reception starting at 18:00 and a post-conference reception to cap off the evening.

This is a general outline of a typical conference agenda.  Special events are also held at other dates and times.

Do you accept Bitcoin? What about euro?

We currently accept Bitcoin in advance and both Bitcoin and euro cash at the door.  No credit card or pin.  We are working on adding other cryptocurrencies.

Are you looking for volunteers and interns?

Yes!  If you are interested in helping us as a volunteer, activist or an intern, please send a mail to hello@BitcoinWednesday.com.

What you will get: Interesting experiences, a lot of knowledge, new friends, bitcoins, and deep satisfaction from being right at the front lines of one of the most exciting tech revolutions of our lifetime.

How can I donate to Bitcoin Wednesday?

Our Bitcoin address is


You can also contribute by volunteering, by bringing friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to one of our events, and by spreading the word in your social networks.