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Joachim de Koning, Co-founder of The Internet of Coins

Joachim de Koning of Coinstorm, Metasync, and Internet of Coins

The Internet of Coins: An Environment for Personal Finance

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 1 March, 2017, Joachim de Koning, co-founder of The Internet of Coins, will present his plan to link all the world’s digital value systems with a single decentralized network. Even as many governments, including the EU, act to regulate the exchange of cryptocurrencies, Joachim aims to deploy a decentralized autonomous system that could support trading without any trusted third party for a government to regulate.

The goal of The Internet of Coins is to create a comprehensive environment for personal finance that gives everyone access to all of the world’s value systems.  The platform is designed to connect all cryptographic ledgers and to integrate all token systems into an interconnected web through an open source financial networking agent, called a “hybridd.”

Joachim’s team has been laying the groundwork for this platform for more than two years.  On 5 November 2014, he and his co-founder Robert de Groot gave an early demo and startup pitch during Bitcoin Wednesday.  In 2015, they received financial support from the SIDN Fund, which was established by the independent non-profit foundation that manages the .nl domain in The Netherlands.  The .nl domain happens to be the first country code top-level domain given to an organization outside of the U.S.  Today, after substantial development, the Internet of Coins team, has announced plans to hold a fundraising campaign to help pay for additional development and to kickstart the distribution of its native tokens. The crowdsale, going by the name Coinstorm, is scheduled to begin on 21 March 2017, and will be supervised by the innovation fund of the Internet pioneer, NLnet Foundation, the country’s first Internet Service Provider, who will act as The Internet of Coins’ financial and legal advisors.

In addition to being co-founder of The Internet of Coins, Joachim is CEO of the crypto and security company Metasync.  He is also a developer for the NetAidKit, an open-source USB-powered router that protects online privacy, and was showcased at CCC.  He is also working on a system to counter large-scale DDOS attacks for Radically Open Security.  He has extensive experience in financial markets,  including foreign exchange, commodity trading, and automated accounting systems, and is an early adopter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Early Stage Investor, Bitcoin Business Strategy Architect and Project Leader for Complex Internet SolutionsSee generalseven.com for more info.

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Joachim de Koning of Coinstorm, Metasync, and Internet of Coins

PUBLISHED : February 23, 2017