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Bitcoin Wednesday 23

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On the 6 May, 2015, Bitcoin Wednesday presents Maidsafe, a company from the front rank of the digital currency revolution, and one of the most celebrated non-financial applications of cryptocurrency. One of Maidsafe’s core developers will tell us about how its decentralized consensus mechanism differs from Bitcoin, but allows it to operate without a central authority.

Director of the University of Amsterdam Informatics Institute Professor Jan Bergstra takes on the notorious question, Is Bitcoin money or isn’t it?  His answer may surprise you.

Also on the evening’s program, Robert Ross, the founder of Folding Coin will talk about harnassing the mining process to solve the world’s scientific problems.

Also on the agenda for Bitcoin Wednesday 23:

• Bitpay’s proposal to implement microtransactions in the existing Bitcoin network, and

• Ideas about cryptocurrency scalability and Proof of Stake consensus algorithms recently published by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.

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After all of the presentations have been given we meet at the bar to talk about the night’s events and to network with the other members of the Dutch digital currency community.

Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event for anyone who has interest in digital currencies or the related technologies, a great chance to meet other like-minded professionals, and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere.

Mark it down in your agenda; join us on Wednesday at 18:30. The conference begins at 19:00, but we gather a little earlier in the cafe downstairs (at 18:30) for a round of drinks.

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PUBLISHED : March 10, 2015

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