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Masha McConaghy, Co-founder of Ascribe.io

Masha McConaghy of Ascribe.io

At Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 March 2016, Masha McConaghy, co-founder of Ascribe.io, will talk about the importance of provenance in the art world and how the technology of the blockchain is its logical future. Her presentation is entitled, “Physical Past and Digital Future of Art Provenance“.  Ascribe, one of Berlin’s hot blockchain-based startups provides a solution for registering ownership of digital as well as physical works of art.  It allows creators to lock in authorship, create authentic limited digital editions, and to securely share and easily transfer the rights of their work.

Masha is a professional curator and researcher. She has a degree in museology from Louvre School in Paris, and a PhD in Arts from Sorbonne University, Paris. Her PhD explored the often-surprising relation between art and commerce over the centuries. She assistant curated at the Louvre Museum in Paris and served as associate director for Douglas Udell Gallery in Vancouver. She is co-founder of Ascribe.io, which has developed technology to enable provenance for digital and physical art. She is passionate about arts, art provenance and applications of new technologies.

Masha gave this interview to Independent Collectors at the end of 2015.

Early Stage Investor, Bitcoin Business Strategy Architect and Project Leader for Complex Internet SolutionsSee generalseven.com for more info.

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Masha McConaghy of Ascribe.io

PUBLISHED : February 19, 2016