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Video: PopChest

Valerian Bennett, CEO of PopChest, appeared at Bitcoin Wednesday for a second time for CoinFest on 4 April 2018 to give a live demo of the POP Network, a blockchain-based video distribution […]

Video: Prediction Markets

Paul Sztorc, inventor of the innovative drivechain and merge mining concepts for Bitcoin, gave this excellent round up of his thoughts on prediction markets for Bitcoin at Bitcoin Wednesday’s 5-year […]

Video: Privacy Enhancing Crypto

Dusk co-founder Jelle Pol gave this interesting presentation about privacy enhancing blockchains during Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 September, 2018 at ABN Amro headquarters. Dusk is a new blockchain for anonymity […]


Video: Public Interest Litigation Project

The Public Interest Litigation Project (PILP), an initiative by the Dutch section of the International Commission of Jurists (NJCM), actively opposes the Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act, which became […]


Video: Real-Time Data with Streamr

Henri Pihkala, CEO of Streamr, gave this intriguing demo during Bitcoin Wednesday’s 4-year anniversary edition on 5 July, 2017. He also explains why we need a decentralized infrastructure for real-time […]


Video: Rockchain

During this presentation given at Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 October 2017, Rockchain CEO Sébastien Jehan explained how data can be stored privately on a public blockchain with Ethereum smart contracts logic. In […]

Video: Scaling Solution

A Single Scaling Solution For All Blockchains On one hand we have these blockchains that have 3, 10, 15 transactions per second and on the other side of the world […]

Video: Silvio Micali Explains Algorand

MIT professor Silvio Micali delivered this exceptional keynote in Amsterdam on 4 July, 2018 for Bitcoin Wednesday’s 5-Year Anniversary.  His talk was about Algorand, a new blockchain he has developed […]

Video: Sixa

Mykola Minchenko, CEO of Sixa, joined Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 May 2018 to talk about blockchain-based decentralized computing. During his presentation, Mykola explained how blockchain technology is capable of creating […]


Video: Sleepwet Debate

During the Bitcoin Wednesday conference on 1 November 2017, Doutje Lettinga, Amnesty International’s Senior Human Rights Officer for counter-terrorism and surveillance, journalist Peter Koop, and Nina Boelsums and Luca van der […]