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Decentralized ID

Edmund Lowell, Founder of SelfKey

Does decentralized identity necessarily put your privacy at risk?  To answer this fundamental question, Edmund Lowell, founder of SelfKey, presented his perspective on blockchain privacy at Bitcoin Wednesday on 2 May 2018.

Edmund gave a demonstration of Selfkey’s decentralized identity solution, which allows users complete authority over their digital identity. He explained how Selfkey protects a digital identity from third party entities and does not allow sharing without the identity holder’s permission.

He explains:

SelfKey is a not-for-profit foundation. It is a technology stack, which is free and open-source, and is used as a wallet that gives access to a marketplace. You keep your data in the wallet from where you can access different products and services through the marketplace. In order to use this wallet, you need a token called Key.

Edmund Lowell, Founder of SelfKey