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September 2016

Expense Report Bitcoin Wednesday and Report of Factual Findings

As with any initiative that strives to operate in the public trust, Bitcoin Wednesday is committed to transparency in its expense reporting. The following document is only the first step. Expense Report Bitcoin Wednesday and Report of Factual Findings Since the genesis of Bitcoin Wednesday in 2013 we have used digital currency exclusively to educate […]

February 2016

The Incentive System of Bitcoin by George Papageorgiou

At the request of many of you, and with the permission of the faculty of the world’s only accredited Master’s program at The University of Nicosia, here is George Papageorgiou’s excellent presentation from Bitcoin Wednesday on 3 February 2016 about the incentive system of Bitcoin that gives a glimpse behind the scenes at the dynamics […]

September 2015

Announcement from PikaPay

    The founders of PikaPay are involved in a disagreement about the future of the enterprise. During the process of resolving this disagreement, one of the founders has taken the unusual step of unilaterally shutting down the service. No opportunity was given to any others to communicate to the users and potential users of the service.  Measures are […]


Poll Results 2015

Below are the results of the two periodic polls taken for The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands (stichting Bitcoin Nederland) on 5 August and 2 September, 2015.  The previous poll results taken last February can be found here. Results for 2 September 2015 Media – 15 votes Working Against Regulation – 15 votes Enabling Bank Accounts for […]

April 2015

REPORT: US Arms Sales Inflame Wars

A front-page story by New York Times journalists Mark Mazzetti and Helene Cooper reveals billion-dollar windfalls to defense contractors such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Atomics for sales of American missiles, bombs and other weapons to clients in the Middle East. Conflicts in that region have created a military spending boom. The defense industry […]

March 2015

REPORT: CIA Funds Went to Al Qaeda

The New York Times’ Matthew Rosenberg tells us about the existence of a “long list of examples of how the United States, largely because of poor oversight and loose financial controls, has sometimes inadvertently financed the very militants it is fighting.”  The CIA clearly doesn’t have sufficient control of its own funds. How is this […]

February 2015

Poll Results from Bitcoin Wednesday #20

On 4 February stichting Bitcoin Nederland, the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation, conducted a general poll about the needs and concerns of the Dutch digital currency community. Here are the results: Media 15 votes Working against regulation 12 votes Enabling Bank accounts for Bitcoin companies and users 21 votes Easy Full nodes for noobs 10 votes Crowdfunding […]