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Bitcoin Wednesday 74

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The 74th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be held in Amsterdam on 7 August, 2019. Please RSVP as soon as possible if you want to attend.


PUBLISHED : April 4, 2019
CEO Paul Puey of Edge
Paul Puey, CEO of Edge Wallet

Paul Puey is CEO of Edge, producer of the Edge and Airbitz mobile cryptocurrency wallets. A graduate of UC Berkeley's computer science and electrical engineering programs, he previously worked as a lead software engineer for chip manufacturers Nvidia Corporation and Chromatic Research. He will be giving away free alt-coins throughout the evening.

Igor Barinov, Tech Lead at POA
Igor Barinov, Tech lead at POA Network

POA Network's tech lead Igor Barinov is an authority on blockchain scalability and interoperability who has been working with Ethereum since 2016. He has helped build one of the world's first stablecoin side chains. He is also involved in the launch of one of the world's first stablecoin sidechains and is a Co-Founder of Block Notary, a notarial service built with blockchain technology.

Mohammed Nokhbeh, Core Developer of Liquality
Mohammed Nokhbeh, Developer at Liquality

Cryptocurrency pioneer Mohammed Nokhbeh is a core developer for Liquality, a secure, peer-to-peer protocol for exchanging digital assets between blockchains.

Daniel Dabek
Daniel Dabek, Co-founder of Safe Exchange

Cryptocurrency pioneer Daniel Dabek is co-founder of Safex, a decentralized marketplace for digital assets and physical goods built on the Safex blockchain. He previously worked for a Wall Street trading company and several U.S.-based hedge funds.