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Bitcoin Wednesday 84

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The 84th edition of Bitcoin Wednesday will be held in Amsterdam on 3 June, 2020.

Please RSVP as soon as possible if you want to attend.


PUBLISHED : August 8, 2019
Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht
Lyn Ulbricht, Mother of Ross Ulbricht (Creator of Silk Road )

Lyn Ulbricht is the mother of Ross Ulbricht, the man sentenced to life in prison at the age of 36 for his involvement in Silk Road. The dark web marketplace has made an indelible impact on the industry.

JP Thieriot, CEO of Uphold
J.P. Thieriot, Co-founder and CEO of Uphold

J.P. Thieriot is CEO of Uphold, a digital money platform that serves 1.7 million customers in more than 184 country and has processed almost $6 billion in transactions.

Ruben Merre, CEO of ngrave
Ruben Merre, Co-founder and CEO of Ngrave

Ruben Merreis co-founder and CEO of Ngrave, an end-to-end hardware wallet solution that tackles the what-ifs of managing digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Patrick Dai, CEO of Qtum
Patrick Dai, CEO and Co-founder of Qtum

Patrick Dai is CEO of Qtum. He will talk about how Qtum built a smart contract system on top of Bitcoin’s infrastructure.

Thomas Borrel, CPO of Polymath
Thomas Borrel, CPO of Polymath

Thomas Borrel leads the Product Strategy, Product Management and Product Marketing teams across Polymath’s product portfolio. Prior to joining Polymath, Thomas was Director of Product Management at Extreme Networks where he led Extreme’s Software and Cloud offerings.