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June 2018

Richard Kohl

Richard Kohl is the founder of Bitcoin Wednesday, and a full-time Bitcoin Activist since 2011. In that first year he co-founded the Bitcoin startup PikaPay, one of the first in The Netherlands. He has been a board member of The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands since 2013.

May 2018

Jon ShapeShift

Jon ShapeShift is the COO of one of the world’s largest and best-known digital asset exchange services. He began working with founder Erik Voorhees in 2014 and helped grow the business into one of the industry’s leading web services for exchanging cryptocurrencies.


Tone Vays

Tone Vays is an outspoken Bitcoin Maximalist and derivatives trader. He was previously Head of Research for data & research company BraveNewCoin and worked for Bear Stearns as a Risk Analyst as well as for JP Morgan as a VP. He currently produces content for his website ToneVays.com and his Youtube channel about sound economics and finance.

Justin Bons

Justin Bons is co-founder and investment strategist of Cyber Capital, a cryptocurrency investment fund in The Netherlands. He is also a miner and trader, and specializes in researching blockchain governance models.

Bruno Peroni Explained Cryptocurrency Landscape in Brazil

Bruno Peroni is Head of Investor Relations at Atlas Quantum, one of Brazil’s fastest growing cryptocurrency startups with currently more than 100 employees. The company was founded in 2015 by former stock exchange consultant Rodrigo Marques from his mother’s spare room.


Why Zero Knowledge Matters

What’s all the fuss about Zero Knowledge? MIT’s Technology Review named it one of the breakthrough technologies of 2018 alongside artificial embryos, quantum materials, 3-D metal printing and zero-carbon natural […]

April 2018

Arbitrage for Cryptocurrency Traders

Amine Larhrib is the founder and Managing Director of the institutional cryptocurrency trading platform, CryptalDash. He spent 8 years in capital markets related roles in Hong Kong, Canada and the Middle East. His responsibilities ranged from Sovereign Wealth Funds across EMEA to Equity Derivative Interbank intermediation.

Zerocoin on Ethereum

Tadhg Riordan is a software developer from Wexford, Ireland on the Zcoin team. He completed his Master’s degree in Blockchain Privacy systems from Trinity College Dublin in 2017, and since that time has worked on a range of projects in the industry, including Zcoin and Ethereum.

Decentralization and Privacy

Reuben Yap is COO for the anonymous cryptocurrency Zcoin. Reuben has played a central role in shaping the project’s strategy and vision since joining the team in October 2016. He was previously a corporate lawyer as well as co-founder of BolehVPN, a privacy-focused VPN provider who was also the first merchant to accept Bitcoin in Malaysia.

Virtual PCs Via Blockchain Tech

Mykola Minchenko is the CEO of YCombinator startup Sixa. He previously worked for British Petroleum and developed a mesh-based communication system for the Ukrainian army. He was also a co-founder of Almareks, an object recognition SaaS startup which was acquired by Motorola in less than three years.