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Anastasia Green, Founder and CEO of Aura

Anastasia Green, CEO of Aura

The landscape for employment has changed dramatically over the last 50 years.  Companies previously hired candidates based on job descriptions, hard skills and location.  But the Internet has made the workplace global: companies now grapple with hiring and managing remote contractors and employees who can be distributed almost anywhere around the world.  Challenges emerge from cultural differences, assessment and trust building across large distances and different time zones, and those obstacles arise even before we have to consider international payments and taxes.

On 7 March, 2018 for Bitcoin Wednesday, Anastasia Green, CEO and founder of Aura, will explain how her blockchain-based startup aims to revolutionize relationships between organizations and their employees.  She believes that blockchain tech, with its inherent transparency and reputation, has the potential to disrupt and transform this slowly changing, traditional industry.

Anastasia is a serial entrpreneur and blockchain community builder in San Francisco and Ukraine.  She was previously the CEO of Aware Mind, which creates chatbots that stimulate productivity through meditation and awareness.  She was also an organizer of Hackers & Founders events in Ukraine and Amsterdam.  Her blockchain-based startup, Aura, has its HQ in San Francisco.

Anastasia Green, CEO of Aura