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Aviv Cohen, Co-founder of Rootcore

Aviv Cohen Co-Founder of Rootcore

At Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 October 2017, Aviv Cohen, co-founder of Rootcore, will introduce his solution for decentralized collaboration.

Aviv writes:

Have you ever wondered how two intelligent, educated people can consider the same information about a complex issue and come up with completely different conclusions?  We have, so we launched Rootclaim.com, a collaborative analysis site based on two pillars: openly crowd-sourced evidence and claims, and proven probabilistic inference models. In Rootclaim’s model a customer poses a question to be researched and the crowd collaborates to complete the analysis, with each contributor being compensated their fair share of the budget.

But how do you measure the value of each contribution?  If you could solve that problem, it might transform many fields, including complex problem solving, software development, and many others.

Rootcore uses game theory, blockchain and smart contracts to incentivize wide-scale decentralized collaboration. Rootcore aims to create an environment where everyone knows that their contributions will eventually be fairly calculated and compensated.

During Aviv’s presentation he will describe the concepts behind Rootcore’s solution. How to create a robust solution to produce accurate valuations cost-efficiently, in a decentralized manner and without manipulations.

Aviv Cohen is co-founder of Rootcore, a solution for decentralized collaboration. He was VP of Sales and Operations for online fraud detection company Fraud Sciences which was acquired by PayPal for $169 million, and then joined PayPal’s European Risk Management group. He also held business leadership roles in cyber security companies.  Aviv holds degrees in computer science,  statistics and management from MIT and Tel Aviv University.


Aviv Cohen Co-Founder of Rootcore