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Jan Isakovic, CEO of Cofound.it

Jan Isakovic CEO of Cofound

You might call 2017 the year of the initial coin offering. ICOs have raised more than three billion dollars this year, become as celebrated as IPOs, and skyrocketed in global awareness following international celebrity endorsements.

This birth of the token economy will be the subject of a presentation at Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 December, 2017 by Jan Isakovic, CEO of Cofound.it.  As he writes, “We are seeing a wave of new tokens being issued and getting used. What are the main characteristics of this brave new world and what are the underlying challenges and potential advantages that a token-based economy could bring us?”

Jan will talk about critical lessons learned by earlier blockchain startups and investors.  He will also demo Cofound.it’s new community evaluation features which pay out cryptocurrency for project evaluations.  He will also present Cofound.it’s development roadmap.

Cofound.it raised close to $15 million in June 2017.  The project has used the knowledge from their own crowd sale to develop a comprehensive ICO coaching and funding process.  A study conducted in October 2017 classified Cofound.it as one of a select group of 19 ICOs that already had a tokenized product on the market.  In the past few months they have evaluated over 300 teams and helped launch four successful blockchain startups including Santiment and Maecenas. They have also worked closely with the government of Slovenia including all the regulators to prepare an ICO-friendly environment that will benefit not just Cofound.it projects but all blockchain startups.

Cofound.it is a distributed global platform that connects startups, experts and investors worldwide. The firm specializes in providing coaching services to businesses that are engaged in the tokenization process. They gain firsthand experience in the core issues that relate to this topic. Their belief is that tokenization could not just democratize the venture funding industry, but also fundamentally change how businesses work.

Jan Isakovic has spent the last 20 years working at the intersection of business and innovation. After receiving twin university degrees in Economics and Computer Science, he worked for companies ranging from IBM and Microsoft to five-person startups. As an entrepreneur, funded-startup founder, Seedcamp mentor, experienced product, and project manager, he’s excited to be building the future of startups.

Jan Isakovic CEO of Cofound