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Decentralized Energy

Micha Roon, CTO of EnergyWeb

Decentralized Energy Via Self-Sovereign Identities

Micha Roon, CTO of the Energy Web Foundation and the Share&Charge Foundation, will join us for the live streaming of our 83rd Bitcoin Wednesday conference on 6 May 2020. In his presentation, Micha Roon will talk about:

  • Enabling decentralized energy resources with Self Sovereign Identities (SSI);
  • Keeping identities secure on IoT devices;
  • Onboarding easily with SSI;
  • Participating in a decentralized market place; and
  • Understanding a P2P settlement process with 1000’s of events.

Since 2015 Micha has contributed to many blockchain projects: 2 asset-backed coins, a decentralized asset management solution, a decentralized ad network, a crypto document management system and a decentralized liquidity network.  He is a veteran software engineer with over 20 years experience of delivering production-grade software. His role as CTO of the Energy Web Foundation and the Share&Charge Foundation is to decarbonize the grid and enable seamless EV Charging with an open charging network.  As a result he has worked on self-sovereign decentralized identity, the tokenization of renewable energy certificates and the creation of a grid flexibility infrastructure that includes residential renewable energy resources.

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Micha Roon, CTO of EnergyWeb