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The Sun Protocol

Samater Liban, CEO of Sun Protocol

Leapfrogging Africa into Decentralized Digital Economies

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 5 December, 2018, CEO Samater Liban of Africa SunTec and Co-Founder of The Sun Protocol will give a preview of how blockchain-based decentralized solutions can support the electricity needs of rural African communities by tokenizing solar energy.  Their Solartainer off-grid solar power generator can already produce more than 50,000 kWh of electricity per year, which can provide energy for about 4.000 people.  The devices can be transported in standard ship containers.

Africa SunTec aims to drive economic growth and independence in rural African communities with blockchain-based cryptocurrencies that represent solar energy.  The Sun Protocol token represents sustainable energy in one network and guarantees a fixed amount of electricity from a Solartainer.  Within Africa SunTec’s system, a smart meter measures energy usage which it reports to a smart contract that governs token distribution.

Sam’s talk will cover:

  • Electricity Needs in Rural African Communities;
  • Tokens as a Means of Exchange in These Communities;
  • Building Digital Infrastructure;
  • Token Economics;
  • Rural Economic Growth; and
  • Blockchain Tech as a National and International Trading Platform.

Samater Liban is a Senior Business Consultant at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.  He was previously a digital marketing specialist at Chiel GmbH.


Samater Liban, CEO of Sun Protocol