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New Channel Ident for Bitcoin Wednesday


As a prelude to our 2-year anniversary celebration next Wednesday, Bitcoin Wednesday unveils its new channel ident.

An ident is a short clip that a broadcaster of a video channel will use to identify its programming or to enhance its branding and promotion. One small step at a time, with the help of dedicated volunteers throughout The Netherlands, Bitcoin Wednesday aims to transforming itself from a grass-roots, community-driven initiative to a monthly conference that showcases the rise of digital currency innovation in this country and in the rest of the world.

If you’d like to contribute to this effort, either by making a donation or volunteering to help, just send a mail to hello@BitcoinWednesday.com.

Bitcoin Wednesday strives to raise awareness, share knowledge, increase transparency, spark debate, question the status quo and support innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in the diverse shapes and forms that can be found in the digital currency sector.


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PUBLISHED : June 24, 2015