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Video Interview: Jan Isakovic of Cofound.it

Jan Isakovic CEO of Cofound

Moments before the start of Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 December 2017, Cofoundit’s CEO Jan Isakovic was interviewed by co-founder of Cyber Capital Justin Bons on the subject of Isakovic’s distributed Venture Capital ecosystem for organizing ICOs.

Jan talked about how Cofoundit helps startup candidates raise funding.  He also discussed the criteria that Cofoundit looks for in startups that are selected from among the applications received by the company.


This is how he explained it:

Cofound.it is trying to reimagine the VC (Venture Capital) Startup funding for the distributed age. We believe that startups lack the opportunities to get funded if they are not based in major cities like New York, and getting a large investor for such startups is very difficult. Cofoundit is trying to find the building blocks of VC startup funding ecosystem, and help these small startups with the help of blockchain technology in terms of funding, coaching, expert advisory, public relations, community engagement.

We are very selective about the startups we support. We see that in order to succeed; a startup must have a good project, a great team, and genuine community support that consist of members who actually care about the project and are not just blindly following the crowd in order to get incentivized.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

0:25 – What does Cofoundit do?

5:39 – What are the characteristics you look for in a project to organize its ICO?

7:49 – Does Cofoundit have its own tokens? If yes, what is the value proposition of it?

10:22 – What are the characteristics you look for in a project to verify its security?

15:50 – Why did you chose to build your project on Ethereum?


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Jan Isakovic CEO of Cofound

PUBLISHED : January 14, 2018