Nikolas Guggenberger

Profile: Nikolas Guggenberger

The European Parliament’s Resolution of 3 May 2016 on Virtual Currencies and Blockchain Technology For Bitcoin Wednesday’s 3-year anniversary conference on 6 July, Nikolas Guggenberger will make a presentation and lead a discussion on the European Parliament’s Resolution of 3 May 2016 on virtual currencies and blockchain technology.  As policy advisor to Jakob von Weizsäcker, […]

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Thomas Bertani

Profile: Thomas Bertani of Oraclize – Providing Centralized Data to Decentralized Apps Trust is king.  Thomas Bertani is a founder of, a service that cryptographically verifies the accuracy of data to be used by smart contracts on the Internet. During Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 July, 2016 Thomas will give a presentation about the challenges of providing such information to […]

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Martijn Jeroen van der Linden

Profile: Martijn Jeroen van der Linden

Future Scenarios: Innovation of the Financial-Monetary System To celebrate Bitcoin Wednesday’s 3-year anniversary on 6 July 2016, Martijn Jeroen van der Linden will give a presentation about innovation of the financial-monetary system of the future.  In 2o14 Mr. van der Linden, a researcher at TU Delft’s department of Economics of Technology and Innovation, gave one […]

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Bas Wisselink, Board Member of the NXT Foundation

Introducing The Ardor Blockchain Platform

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 July, 2016, Bas Wisselink, a board member of the NXT Foundation, will talk about new solutions for blockchain scalability and performance to be implemented in the upcoming “Ardor” Blockchain Platform. One of the biggest problems faced by any decentralized blockchain after it has been in sustained use is that the […]

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EU and UK Flags

Regrexit, The Voter’s Remorse: How Brexit Helps Bitcoin

“In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine.” – Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being In the aftermath of the UK’s national Brexit referendum to leave the European Union on 23 July 2016, Dutch newspapers are already reporting notable cases of UK voter’s remorse.  Brexit triggers […]

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Dean Masley

The Blockchain Education Network in The Netherlands

During Bitcoin Wednesday’s 3rd Anniversary celebration on 6 July 2016, Dean Masley will present the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), an association of student blockchain groups representing more than 150 colleges and universities around the world.  The title of Dean’s talk is Crossing the Enthusiasm Gap: How can young Blockchainers make an impact as this emergent […]

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Dominik Zynis

Profile: Dominik Zynis

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 July 2016, Dominik Zynis will give a presentation about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs.  This subject has made sensational headlines recently with the historic launch and subsequent failure of The DAO which was deployed by to the Ethereum platform. Dominik has been involved in the digital currency sector since 2012 and […]

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The DAO Logo

What The DAO Attack Means in The Netherlands

  The sensational $60 million theft from “The DAO” has sparked a fundamental debate about decentralization. Before I begin, the usual disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.  I do not hold ether or DAO tokens.  This article takes no sides and contains no legal advice. What is The DAO? The DAO is a decentralized venture capital fund built […]

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Polling Station

Bitcoin Wednesday Poll Results From 4 May 2016

Continuing the tradition started last year, The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands — stichting Bitcoin Nederland — conducted one of its periodic polls during Bitcoin Wednesday on 4 May 2016 to determine its priorities for the digital currency community. Just like in the past, the discussion and voting were open to anyone to participate. These poll […]

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Stefan George of Gnosis

Profile: Stefan George of Gnosis

Prediction Markets: Use Cases and Components During Bitcoin Wednesday’s 3rd anniversary edition, Stefan George, technical co-founder of Gnosis, will give a presentation about decentralized prediction markets.  These services use the blockchain to address some of mankind’s greatest challenges.  For example, they allow participants to trade or bet against the outcome of future events, a technique that has […]

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