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Clement Lesaege, CTO of Kleros

Clément Lesaege, CTO of Kleros

Kleros: A Decentralized Court to Arbitrate Smart Contracts

For Bitcoin Wednesday’s 5-Year Anniversary Conference on 4-5 July, 2018, CTO Clément Lesaege will give a demo of Kleros, an Ethereum-based app for decentralized dispute arbitration. Kleros operates as an independent, decentralized third party to arbitrate the conflicts that can arise from any kind of contract, from very simple, to highly complex ones.  The solution relies of game theoretic incentives to have jurors rule cases correctly.  The objective is to create a decentralized dispute resolution system that renders ultimate judgements in a fast, inexpensive and reliable way.

As Kleros’ co-founder and CTO, Clément deals with smart contract programming and cryptoeconomics, and is a specialist in:

  • Smart contract-enforced dispute resolution;
  • Theoretical cryptoeconomics, including incentive design, attacks and attack responses, grief, cost, budget and complexity;
  • Experimental cryptoeconomics, including traditional machine learning metrics applied to human outputs, cryptography and game theory;
  • Random number generation on the blockchain, including timelocks, low influence functions, threshold signatures and proper game theoretic incentives; and
  • Computational results on the blockchain, including verifying witnesses, disproving results, AM protocols and interactive verification.

He holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering from The Technical University of Compiègne in France and a Master’s degree from Georgia Tech in the U.S.  He started experimenting with blockchain technology in 2013, and worked on smart contract security and vulnerability detection.  He previously contributed to Gnosis, and Chronobank.

Clément Lesaege, CTO of Kleros