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Bitcoin Wednesday's 5-Year Anniversary Edition

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This event is our 5-year anniversary and will be held at Amsterdam’s Baut, the former Magdalena Chapel at Spaarndammerstraat 460, from 4 – 5 July, 2018.

RSVP here as soon as possible.

A ticket includes both day and evening programs and lunch.

Day 1: Choice of Focaccia sandwich with Mozzarella, Hummus or Spinata romana salami.

Day 2: Choice of Focaccia sandwich with traditional ripened Dutch cheese, tuna salad or farmer’s back ham.

Tentative Schedule for Both Days

Bitcoin Wednesday Schedule 5-Year Anniversary Edition


Check back soonest for the full program.

You are invited to join us once again for this upcoming edition of Bitcoin Wednesday, including another program revolving around the important recurring theme of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in Dutch society. As you’ve come to expect, networking will be at the heart of this event: run into your old, familiar Bitcoin Wednesday friends and colleagues and tell stories about the early days; meet the newcomers and share your ideas about the future. After a number of thought-provoking conference presentations, there will be ample opportunity for networking at the bar.

Mark your calendar for the first Wednesday of the month so that we can raise a toast together to the increasing role of Bitcoin in Dutch society. Please take note:

  • So that the digital currency revolution leaves no one behind, please bring colleagues, friends, family and neighbors with you.
  • Bitcoin Wednesday is an accessible event for anyone who has interest in blockchains, digital currencies or related technologies, a great chance to meet other like-minded professionals, and exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere.

Mark it down in your agenda; join us on the first Wednesday of every month. The conference itself usually begins at 19:00, but we gather earlier at the bar for networking.

For all Bitcoin Wednesday conferences, space is limited and advance registration is always required.

Sign up now for Bitcoin Wednesday.

PUBLISHED : July 29, 2017
Paul Sztorc, Research Director, Tierion
Paul Sztorc, Founder of BitcoinHivemind

A leading thinker on the subjects of prediction markets, merge mining and drive chains, Paul Sztorc is currently Research Director at Tierion.

Phil Zimmerman, Creator of PGP
Philip R. Zimmermann, Creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

Phil Zimmermann is the creator of PGP, a veteran of the Cryptowars and pioneer of the cypherpunk movement, which is a forerunner of the digital currency revolution.

Silvio Micali, MIT Professor of Engineering
Silvio Micali, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Faculty at MIT

Silvio Micali is a professor of computer science at MIT and one of the world's authorities on cryptography, zero knowledge and distributed ledgers. He is the recipient of the Turing Award in computer science, the Gödel Prize in theoretical computer science, and the RSA prize in cryptography.

Amir Taaki Revolutionary Hacker
Amir Taaki, Creator of Libbitcoin

Hacktivist Amir Taaki created the first alt Bitcoin implementation libbitcoin, which has the fastest blockchain database of any implementation. He is currently establishing an academy in Barcelona to train hackers to work on revolutionary technology projects.

CEO Liz Steininger of Least Authority
Liz Steininger, CEO of Least Authority

Liz Steininger is CEO of Least Authority in Berlin, a company that supports the citizen's right to privacy through security consulting and solutions. Prior to this work, she managed financing for Internet freedom projects at the Open Technology Fund.

Stani Kulechov, CEO of Ethlend
Stani Kulechov, CEO of ETHLend

Stani Kulechov is CEO of ETHLend, a peer-to-peer decentralized lending platform based on Ethereum smart contracts. It raised $18 million in its crowdsale in November 2017, and has done more than 12000 ETH worth of loans (nearly $55 million as of June 2018) with a total value of over $10 million.

Simon Lelieveldt, Regulatory Consultant
Simon Lelieveldt, Banking and Payment Consultant

Simon Lelieveldt is a regulatory consultant involved in issues such as AML5 for crypto-exchanges and the application of PSD2 for near-payment business solution providers and previously worked for The Central Bank of The Netherlands.

Neeraj Muraka, CTO of Bluezelle
Neeraj Murarka, CTO of Bluzelle

Neeraj Murarka is co-founder and CTO of Bluzelle Networks, which produces a decentralized database based on blockchain technology. He previously led the development of in-flight entertainment systems for Lufthansa in collaboration with Panasonic avionics and worked as a senior engineer in the video game industry for Mattel interactive, Mindscape Entertainment, Zynga, and Sierra Online.

Cezary Dziemian, The Lightning Network
Cezary Dziemian, Founder of LightningNetwork.pl

Cezary Dziemian is a Polish software developer who integrated the Lightning Network with BTCDuke, creating the first Bitcoin-to-Fiat exchange anywhere in the world to accept Lightning Network deposits and withdrawals.

Marloes Pomp on Blockchain for Public Sector
Marloes Pomp, International Strategy Manager from Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Marloes Pomp manages international strategy for the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, where she helps to coordinate a collection of 30 public sector pilot projects for central and local government.

Christian Shearer, Regen Network
Christian Shearer, Co-founder of Regen Network

Christian Sheareris co-founder of Regen Network, a domain-specific blockchain on top of the Tendermint consensus engine with a mission of protecting the planet against climate change. He is an authority on climate ecology and regeneration.

Kenichi Kurimoto, CEO of Nayuta
Kenichi Kurimoto, CEO of Nayuta

Kenichi Kurimoto is CEO of the IoTxBlockchain company Nayuta, one of the pioneers in combining IoT with cryptocurrency, and an authority on integrating Internet connected devices with Bitcoin's layer 2 technology, the Lightning Network.

Clément Lesaege, CTO of Kleros
Clement Lesaege, CTO of Kleros

Clément Lesaegeis co-founder and CTO of Kleros, an Ethereum-based app for decentralized dispute arbitration. He is specialist in smart contract development and cryptoeconomics.

Harry Halpin, Researcher at NextLeap
Harry Halpin, Security and Privacy Expert from NextLeap

Harry Halpin is a research scientist at Inria in Paris, where he works on secure messaging via the NextLeap project and mixnets via the Panoramix project. He previously led the development of the WebCrypto API at W3C and quit over backing of DRM.

Sam Klebanov, CEO Cinezen
Sam Klebanov, CEO of Cinezen

Sam Klebanov is CEO CINEZEN which develops a blockchain-based solution for film distribution. He previously founded the arthouse film distribution company Maywin Media.

Yuriy Blokhin, Business Development Manager, Bitfury
Yuriy Blokhin, Head of Partnerships at Bitfury

Yuriy Blokhin is Head of Partnerships at Bitfury.  In this role he helps guide the product roadmap and strategic partnerships focused on bringing the emerging Lightning Network into the mainstream from its current early adopter phase by enabling the use of Bitcoin as consumer-grade payment rails. In 2009 he was the very first employee at Kik, which became one of the most-used mobile messenger apps in North America.

Viacheslav Zhygulin, Product Owner, LightningPeach at Bitfury
Viacheslav Zhygulin, Product Owner for Lightning Peach at Bitfury

Viacheslav Zhygulin is product owner for Lightning Peach, which is Bitfury's Lightning Network solution.  He has a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics and created a routing algorithm called Flare, for Lightning Network payments.

Ilya Smagin, Head of Smart Contract Development at Waves
Ilya Smagin, Head of Smart Contract Development at Waves Platform

Ilya Smagin leads smart contract development for the Waves Platform. He previously worked for several global financial services firms such as the Spotware forex trading platform, Deutsche Bank and Yandex.

Tomer Kantor, Proof of Work
Tomer Kantor, Founder of Proof of Work Media

Tomer Kantor is the director of a series of documentaries about the rise of digital money in Kenya. He heads the digital agency, Proof of Work Media, and is one of the founders of Coinscrum, the longest-running crypto meetup in London.

Jochem Wieringa, Director at CryptoCrunch
Jochem Wieringa, Director of CryptoCrunch

Jochem Wieringais Director of Dutch investment fund, CryptoCrunch. He was previously co-founder of a mobile provider and later a startup in autonomous drones.

Guy Zbarsky, CEO of KeepGo
Guy Zbarsky, Co-founder of KeepGo

Guy Zbarsky is founder of KeepGo, a decentralized market for trading your mobile megabytes. He also has undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel.

Antoine Verdon, Co-founder of Proxeus
Antoine Verdon, Co-founder of Proxeus

Antoine Verdon is co-founder of the blockchain application framework Proxeus. He previously led one of the first Swiss VC vehicles with an exclusive focus on FinTech, and was a member of the Lausanne city parlaiment from 2003 - 2005.

Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group and Alphabit Fund
Michael Terpin, CEO of the Transform Group

Michael Terpin is the founder and CEO of the Transform Group. He is a general partner and chairs the ICO investment committee of the Alphabit Fund, a digital currency fund registered on the Cayman Islands with $300 million in assets under management.

Richard Kohl, Bitcoin Wednesday
Richard Kohl, Founder of Bitcoin Wednesday

Richard Kohl is the founder of Bitcoin Wednesday, and a full-time Bitcoin Activist since 2011. In that first year he co-founded the Bitcoin startup PikaPay, one of the first in The Netherlands. He has been a board member of The Bitcoin Foundation of The Netherlands since 2013.

Justin Bons of Cyber Capital
Justin Bons, from Cyber Capital will Present State of Cryptocurrency

Justin Bons is co-founder and investment strategist of Cyber Capital, a cryptocurrency investment fund in The Netherlands. He is also a miner and trader, and specializes in researching blockchain governance models.