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Neeraj Murarka, CTO of Bluzelle

Neeraj Muraka, CTO of Bluezelle

Bluzelle: Decentralized Databases and the Data Economy

For Bitcoin Wednesday’s 5-year anniversary on July 4-5, we’ll hear about decentralized databases from Neeraj Murarka, the CTO of Bluzelle. Neeraj is an expert in decentralized, trustless computer systems, including cryptocurrencies and blockchains but also network security, databases and computer systems architecture.

His presentation will cover two separate topics:

First, decentralized databases and trustless computing and why this technology is important for enterprises, regardless of whether they are building decentralized applications or centralized ones.  Neeraj will explain decentralized databases from the perspective of security, scalability, reliability and consistent performance.  For example, with the advent of privacy laws like GDPR, a mutable database that keeps your private data secure is vital. Bluzelle’s database was especially designed to meet these needs.

The second subject of Neeraj’s talk is the data economy, a ecosystem in which data privacy, ownership and syndication are enhanced and each individual can control usage and lifespan of their data as well as its syndication.  Neeraj’s solution, Bluzelle, aims to address each of these challenges.

Neeraj Murarka is co-founder and CTO of Bluzelle Networks, which develops a decentralized database based on blockchain technology.  He built the Android version of Zeroblock, an industry-leading blockchain news aggregation app. He also led the architecture and development of in-flight entertainment systems for Lufthansa in collaboration with Panasonic avionics.  He previously worked as a senior engineer in the video game industry, and held positions at Mattel interactive, Mindscape Entertainment, Zynga, and Sierra Online.

Neeraj Muraka, CTO of Bluezelle