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Leontien Hasselman-Plugge, CEO of SIM Supply Chain

Leontien Hasselman-Plugge, CEO of Sim Supply Chain

Blockchain For Sustainable Development

Creating Transparency in Food Supply Chains

During Bitcoin Wednesday’s conference on Blockchain Tech for Sustainability and Social Impact on 2 October 2019, SIM Supply Chain’s CEO Leontien Hasselman-Plugge will talk about the work her organization does in food supply chains to minimize the distance between consumers and the people who produce and sell what we eat.

Many of today’s retailers have very little information about the actors in their own supply chains.  They do not know where their products come from and how they have been created.  For the past 10 years SIM has worked in this area and has carefully mapped 200,000 supply chains.  Two years ago they began experimenting with blockchain technology to enhance the traceability and provenance for some products, allowing us to better identify the various players who make, grow and farm our food.

In this talk, Leontien will show what SIM has done:

  • How they have made the social working conditions transparent from orange juice coming from Brazil;
  • How they can trace every egg sold at Albert Heijn to show consumers where it comes from and explain the improvements in animal welfare; and
  • How they can ensure traceable climate-neutral bananas sourced from Colombia.

She will also demonstrate how SIM works and show some live examples of supply chain information that is read directly from their blockchain solution.

Leontien is a veteran of the sustainable development industry.  She has focused on communicating performance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in a wide variety of industries as well as managing the process of sustainability reporting.  She has also been a member of the United Nations Global Compact Task Force, assisted the European Commission’s Expert Group on CSR to support small and medium-sized enterprises in this field.  She collaborated with the Inter-American Development Bank’s Multilateral Investment Fund to improve the competiveness of Latin American companies through their value chain and CSR strategies.

She began her career with the United Nations Environment Program’s division of Technology, Industry and Economics.  She subsequently worked for the Global Reporting Initiative in Amsterdam for many years, where she helped establish their supply chain reporting program as one of their Directors.  In this role she trained many companies in the United States, Australia, India, Brazil, China and South America in measuring and communicating CSR performance.

As CEO of SIM Supply Chain Information Management her main aim is to help retailers and brands in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector to understand their supply chain and to use the insights gained to improve environmental and social conditions.  She has a master’s degree in European Economic Law and Corporate Law from the University in Utrecht.

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Leontien Hasselman-Plugge, CEO of Sim Supply Chain