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CoinFest Amsterdam 2018

Bitcoin Wednesday Event Image Amsterdam CoinFest 2018

Amsterdam’s official CoinFest edition for 2018 will be held on 4 April, 2018.

Please RSVP as soon as possible if you want to attend.

For CoinFest this year, we’ll have a few optional activities.

Network reception with live music: 1700 – 1900 Free admission. Bitcoin accepted all night.

Crypto Canal Cruise: 1500 – 1700

Dinner: 1700 – 1900

The conference program itself runs from 1900 – 2300


Cruise, dinner and conference combination ticket: 35,- early bird, while supplies last. Tickets will go up soon.

Cruise only: 20,- Dinner only: 20,- Conference only: 11,- early bird, while supplies last.

The complete program for this event will be published here as soon as possible and updated regularly.

Check back soon for the complete program.

PUBLISHED : February 3, 2018
Justin Bons of Cyber Capital
Co-founder of Cyber Capital

Justin Bons is co-founder and investment strategist of Cyber Capital, a cryptocurrency investment fund in The Netherlands. He is also a miner and trader, and specializes in researching blockchain governance models.

Rune Theill, CEO of Rockstart
Funding Your Blockhain Startup

Rune Theill is the CEO of Amsterdam's startup accelerator, Rockstart. He currently serves as an advisor to many startups, including 3D Hubs, Crowdyhouse, CoffeeStrap, Bomberbot, and Codeplace, and is also a jury member at Venture Cup.

Logan Saether of ChronoLogic
Ethereum's Alarm Clock

Logan Saether is a Solidity engineer and an authority on time-based smart contracts. He works for ChronoLogic on the open source smart contract protocol known as the Ethereum Alarm Clock.

Chris Hobcroft, Creative Director of Livepeer

Chris Hobcroft is the Creative Director of Livepeer that offers an Ethereum-based infrastructure protocol for live streaming. He previously worked for tech startups in audio machine learning and mobile gaming. He started coding at the age of 5 and has a degree in computer science from Cambridge.

Shawn Capper, CFO of Symbioses

Shawn Capper is the CFO of the decentralized cloud service provider Symbioses which is launching its ICO. He will talk about the tokenization of cloud computing, storage and IOT its economics. He served as a Vice President Portfolio Manager at Lehman Brothers and held similar roles for JP Morgan Chase and U.S. Trust.

Philipp-Schulz, co-founder of TV Two
Blockchain Tech in the Living Room

Philipp Schulz is co-founder of TV-Two, and will give a live demo of a project that aims to become a major gateway to broadcast television via the Ethereum blockchain.

Valerian Bennett of PopChest
Video with Smart Contracts

Valerian Bennett is CEO of PopChest, a platform for community-supported video that integrates smart contracts and the soon-to-be-distributed Pop Tokens. Valerian is a veteran television producer and editor and a documentary filmmaker from Los Angeles. He has a film degree from the University of Southern California and is responsible for the 2014 documentary Bitcoin: Buenos Aires about the digital currency ecosystem in Argentina.

Peter Alfred Adekeye, CEO of Multiven
Blockchain Cyberdefense

Peter Alfred Adekeye is the CEO of Multiven, who is launching a ICO to support a blockchain-based marketplace for IT products. His project aims to provide free cyber-defense for Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes and their Internet gateways.

Igor Shoifot, Founding Partner TMT Crypto Fund
Igor Shoifot

Igor Shoifot is a founding partner of the TMT CryptoFund, a $60M investment fund for early stage blockchain-driven startups. They have made many early investments in successful blockchain teams such as FileCoin, BTC Jam, Shapeshift, Bitaccess and Bits, among others.