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Video: Scaling Solution

Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Founder of bloXroute Labs

A Single Scaling Solution For All Blockchains

On one hand we have these blockchains that have 3, 10, 15 transactions per second and on the other side of the world we have Youtube that streams crazy amounts on the Internet and everyone is considering that as normal. The question is can we build a system that would help blockchains scale, yet without hurting the decentralized nature of blockchains? This is the core of what bloXroute is really trying to do.

Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, bloXroute

During Bitcoin Wednesday on 6 March 2019, bloXroute founder Aleksander Kuzmanovic gave this primer on his solution to scale all blockchains by creating a neutral transport layer underneath cryptocurrencies.

You can read Aleksandar’s bio, and check out the complete agenda of the conference, Blockchain Use Cases: Enterprise Edition. You will also want to watch this interview he gave right before the event.

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Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Founder of bloXroute Labs