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Video: Willem Middelkoop

Willem Middelkoop, Founder of Commodity Discovery Fund

Can Cryptocurrencies Be Part of the Coming Monetary Reset?

Be sure to watch the original version of Willem Middelkoop’s presentation on cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin Wednesday.

One of his best lines:

We know big changes are coming to the world financial systems. We know that digital currencies are planned to be part of it. For us as crypto investors the most important thing to understand is that crypto and bitcoins will be tolerated as a niche within the financial system, and crypto could turn into a separate asset class.

The author of the bestselling The Big Reset gives this open look at his views on cryptocurrencies during Bitcoin Wednesday, held at the Volkshotel on 3 October, 2018. During this talk he will explore decentralized cryptocurrencies in relation to the international monetary system and especially from the perspective of the Central Banks.  You can read Willem Middelkoop’s complete bio and an overview of the entire conference program from that evening.

Willem Middelkoop, Founder of Commodity Discovery Fund